So This Is It

from by Lagomorpha



When I started to work at "Ride On", my fourth album, and wrote the first track, I sat down, started Ableton Live and thought: "Okay, so this is it - the first song of the new album." And that's why I've chosen the name.
The track itself was meant to be more danceable than the tracks on "Dear Diary". I wanted people to dance to my music. "So This Is It" was the first step in this direction.


from Ride On, released September 13, 2013




Lagomorpha Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

Electronic music from Germany. No vocals, sometimes a little bit experimental. You can expect Electronica, Techno, Trance and some strange crossovers. ;-)

You could like my music if you like artists like Lemon Jelly, Chicane, Paul Kalkbrenner or General Fuzz.

Have fun! :-)
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