Clubby (Two Hearts)

from by Lagomorpha



Once upon a time there was a track called "Clubby", which was meant to be a minimalistic dance-track for the clubs. But the track grew and grew and one day it was everything, but not minimalistic and it was over 10 minutes long. So I took the two parts "Clubby" consisted of and splitted it into two seperate tracks. The result: "Clubby (Two Hearts)" and "Clubby (Weirdness In My Mind)". A few weeks ago I listened to the original "Clubby" and thought: "Hey, nice!" So maybe I will finish it someday and release it on another album. We'll see.


from The Lagomorpha Experience, released September 21, 2006




Lagomorpha Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

Electronic music from Germany. No vocals, sometimes a little bit experimental. You can expect Electronica, Techno, Trance and some strange crossovers. ;-)

You could like my music if you like artists like Lemon Jelly, Chicane, Paul Kalkbrenner or General Fuzz.

Have fun! :-)
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